The Brian Jones Trip



Brian Jones Murder Mystery Library



Nicholas Fitzgerald:  Brian’s self alleged confidant/monkey boy/murder witness. He says he was hiding in the bushes and saw the whole thing. Brian Jones: the Inside Story of the Original Rolling Stone

Anna Wohlin:  The love of Brian's life, for that week, anyway. She saw and heard nothing, but she KNOWS it was murder. Could her book have had a worse title? The Murder of Brian Jones: the secret story of my love affair with the murdered Rolling Stone (blah, blah, blah)

Jeremy Reed: He believes Fitzgerald, but that's the least of his problems... The Last Decadent

Terry Rawlings:  Don't get us started. Cooked up a “death bed confession” from Frank Thorogood just to sell his book Who Killed Christopher Robin?  The Truth Behind the Murder of Brian Jones

Geoffrey Giuliano: Hack extraordinaire. Faked an embarrassingly bad taped interview with alleged murder witness. Paint it Black: the Murder of Brian Jones

A.E. Hotchner:  The latest in a string of great authors who pulled bizarre stories from a drugged-out Marianne Faithfull. (At least, that's Marianne’s excuse). Faked interview with gay bashing murder witness named ‘Marty’.  Blown Away: The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties

Laura Jackson:  Brian's unofficial hagiographer. She now claims that Frank first poisoned Brian and then drowned him. Golden Stone: the untold life and tragic death of Brian Jones

Honorary Member

MANDY AFTEL: She was doing okay till she started listening to Anna’s friend Jim. It’s all downhill from there. Death of a Rolling Stone


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