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Brian Jones†† The Inside Story of the Original Rolling Stone

by Nicholas Fitzgerald


Golden Brahim

††† Itís out of print but if you find it, buy it. Just remember that itís fiction.

This entertaining novel masquerading as fact describes the authour's imaginary adventures with the Rolling Stones, focusing on everyone's favourite golden-haired guitar player.  Essentially the ultimate work of self-insertion fan fiction, supposed Guiness heir Fitzgerald's work presents us with a bitchy, bisexual Brian who spills all his secrets to Fitzgerald in between mind games.  Fitzgerald has himself tagging along on everything from Ready Steady Go! to the Monterey Pop Festival (funnily enough, he came up invisible in photographs), ending up by the pool at Cotchford Farm during Brian's last moments.  This book is great: you are there hanging with the Lovin' Spoonful at Tara Browne's legendary birthday party, watching Mick Jagger suck up to Brigitte Bardot in Paris, and having a cuddle with Prince Jones in San Francisco.
  Nicholas takes you from the teacups to the bed sheets, and doesn't neglect to work in his very own murder theory.  There's no clear motive* for the crime and he can't identify whodunit, but he was there, man-- peeking through the bushes, no less.  Another one of those sorry sops that is too traumatized to say anything to the cops at the time, Nicholas proved equally unhelpful to actual investigation into Brian's death when the case was re-opened in 1994.

It's the kind of thing that you ache to believe, but just doesn't add up.

Reviewed by Diane


(Fitzgerald does hint repeatedly, without ever mentioning names, that Allen Klein ordered Stones employees to kill Brian in order to put a stop to the super group that Brian and John Lennon were supposed to be forming. - HH)

Why Cops Won't Reopen Jones Case Based on Nicholas' Story

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