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How many children did Brian have? Was he ever married to any of their mothers?

Brian Jones was never married or formally engaged. He is believed to be the father of at least five children. Brian was not named as the father on the birth certificates of any of the children. He rejected all the kids that he knew about, although paltry financial settlements were made in some cases.

Brian Jones' Children

1. Name unknown, a son, born in 1959 to a 14-year-old Cheltenham schoolgirl named Valerie; the baby was adopted by other people

2. Name unknown, a daughter, born August 4, 1960 to a married woman from Cheltenham

3. Julian Mark, born October 22, 1961 to Cheltenham girl Pat Andrews

4. Julian Brian, born July 23, 1964 to Windsor teenager Linda Lawrence

5. John (Paul Andrew), born March 24, 1965 to teenager Dawn Molloy; adopted by other people







Rumored children

Are Brian's kids heirs to his fortune?

Brian is said to have died £200,000 in debt and with virtually nothing in the bank. At any rate, under English law at that time, illegitimate children did not have inheritance rights. Brian's parents, still living as far as anyone knows, inherited his estate and receive any performance royalties due Brian. It is widely reported that they ignore all Brian's kids.

What about the paternity suits?

Linda Lawrence, mother of Julian, filed a paternity suit in 1965. Linda's parents had kicked Brian out of their home at the end of November, 1964 when Brian told them he would not marry girlfriend Linda. Brian was “hit by an affiliation order” the following May, according to Bill Wyman's Stone Alone. The suit was dropped later that year. Linda accepted a £1000 lump sum in an out of court settlement. Brian cut off all association with Linda and the baby. In 1970 Linda married recording artist Donovan.

Pat Andrews, the mother of Mark, filed a paternity suit that made News of the World headlines on January 16, 1966. Brian had cut off all contact with Pat and her son in 1963. After seeing news articles about Linda’s lawsuit, Pat also sought an affiliation order. Pat presented the court with a letter written by Brian Jones in 1962 to a collection agency. In this letter Brian referred to Pat as his fiancée and stated, “of course we plan to keep our child”. Brian was a no-show in court, and the angry judge granted Pat the maximum sum allowed at the time, £2.50 a week for Mark plus another £78 to pay for Pat’s court costs and confinement expenses. By 1969 Pat and her 7-year-old son were living in a council–run reception center in Lambeth with no other income than Mark's small allowance. After Brian died, the money stopped, according to Pat.


Mandy Aftel’s book includes this mysterious newspaper clipping about two girls in a cash fight for ex-Rolling Stone Brian Jones’ fortune. The two girls were Pat Andrews and Linda Lawrence. It appears Brian was still alive at the time of the article, but the full story seems to have been ignored, or suppressed, by all the different biographers. It is not known if either of the two girls was successful in their fight for more money.


Dawn Molloy, mother of Brian's fifth illegitimate child, named her son Paul Andrew (now John), but she was forced to put the baby up for adoption when he was about six weeks old. She never filed a paternity suit. Dawn did sign an agreement with Andrew Loog Oldham, Ltd, witnessed by Mick Jagger, that she would accept a settlement of £700 and make no statement about Brian Jones or the child to the press or public. Dawn married another man in late 1965.

What became of Brian's children?

Brian's first son has never been accounted for.

His only known daughter appears briefly in Stone Alone. Bill calls her “Carol”, but that is not her real name. “Carol” says her mother was having marriage problems and spent one night with Brian after a dance in the south of England. She never told Brian that she was pregnant and remained married to her husband. “Carol” found out who her real father was when she was fifteen, after her brother brought home a Rolling Stones album.  Brian was a taboo subject in her home, but the girl became interested in reading everything she could about Brian. “Carol” suffers from temporal lobe epilepsy and believes that Brian may have suffered from an undiagnosed case of this same disease.

Little is known about Mark, although he is featured in Laura Jackson's 1992 bio Golden Stone. At that time Mark was newly married and “working for a multinational corporation”. He doesn't have any memories of his dad.

Julian was also featured in Golden Stone. He was raised in the United States. As a five-year-old he starred in a sci-fi movie called Saturation 70. When he grew up he tried to contact Brian's parents, but was turned away. He lives in Cork, Ireland and is a recording artist. He has a son named Brian.


Dawn's baby son, whom Brian never saw, was renamed John by his new family. He was raised in Essex. When he grew up he conducted a search for his biological parents. At age twenty-nine he found his mother, now living in the USA, and Dawn told him who his real father was. John is married with three kids. He works for the British branch of an American car manufacturer. Dawn is mentioned briefly in Stone Alone and Dawn and her son are included in Terry Rawlings' Good Times, Bad Times.

Do Brian's kids look like him?


The photos of Mark and Julian are from Golden Stone, 1992. The photo of John is from about 1999.There is no information about Brian’s daughter’s appearance.










Are any of Brian's kids involved in music?

Yes, Julian is. Visit his official web site at


Nobody asked but...

Brian urged his girlfriends, with mixed success, to name their sons Julian after sax player Julian “Cannonball” Adderley.



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