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Brian Jones, Perfectly Preserved Forever in the Crystal Aquarium

July 13, 2010 - This dear little golden-haired child of mine, The Brian Jones Trip, has been neglected for a long, long time. But mumsie is back and will be repairing the site in the coming days. I really, really mean it! hhall

Brian Jones - The Early Years  by Rob Weingartner

Brian Jones's Guitars Pix of Brian over the years with his cool guitar collection.

Brian in Guitar One Magazine August, 2001. Brian finally got his name on the cover of a guitar magazine with Gone Too Soon: A Tribute to 65 Fallen Heroes.

The Archives Collection of clippings, photos, etc. from the Stones's career.


Brian in Vox Ad Early print ad featuring Brian, Mick & Charlie (now in the Rob Weingartner Collection)

Alone with the Stones, 1 from a fan magazine two page spread, the photos
Alone with the Stones, 2 the questions. Answers appear legit. Who was Brian's best friend? Pip the Poodle!

Visit Brian's New Pad by Sue Mautner, NME, Friday, March 26, 1965 Now he's got a friend!

At Home with Brian Brian at his Chelsea flat. Little teeny color pix in 2 page dutch(?) magazine spread; image liberated from ebay.


Brian and Zouzou from Mandy Aftel's Death of a Rolling Stone . Interview with one of Brian's girlfriends.

Brian Sings! Review of Stones concert by Jim McVicar, San Diego Union, Dec. 6, 1965. Brian loved to sing, & he sang in tune but his voice was REALLY raspy.

Why Brian still has drooling fans to this very day - Brian on USA Tour, 1965 Oh, yes, and he was not only pretty, he played guitar, too!

Gossip Column by Duke Lewis, Tiger Beat, March 1966. The Stones and their girls in Hollywood.

Some cool photos I found to go with the gossip column above.

Photo of Brian, June '66 Unusual color photo from back cover of Datebook Oct '66. Twilight purple jacket, red & white polka dot shirt, black hair ??? and possibly two decadent scratches on his cheek. Stones' Jones WAS known to get in fights.

'Guinness Heir' Tara Browne Page Tara, the most legendary best friend in rock and roll.

Nazi Pop Scandal From Danish magazine Borge , 1966 & Italian Novella, Dec 4 66


Brian in NME, Mar 67 Brian at home at 1 Courtfield Road, Kensington. This was part of a feature called 'Tribute to The Jones Boys'.

Brian dancing Cute Michael Cooper photo, 1967.

Anita on the breakup with Brian All in all, who does Anita think she is kidding? Beware quotes from Anita! From Early Stones, (c) 1992.

"Just Because You're Paranoid.... - doesn't mean bad things aren't going to happen to you!" Michael Cooper snaps a photo as Brian's new best friend Keith runs off with his girlfriend Anita, Marrakech, March 16, 1967. Something about this scene makes me doubt Anita's tale of being beaten almost to death the night before. From Early Stones, (c) 1992.

Moroccan Mishaps with The Strolling Ruins by Brion Gysin. The true story about the break up.


Prince Jones at the Monterey Pop Festival Interview with Brian, THE BEAT, June 1967. Kind of groovy...

Mick & Brian, Part II by Ian Stewart, Teen Datebook, November 1967. Includes the famous bus story.

Brian trippin' out photos by Tony Sanchez

The May 10, 1967 drug bust. Records at the Public Records Office site.

Brian & Suki in Spain Daily Mirror, Monday, October 30, 1967. Note, this does not look like Suki to me.

Front Page Daily Mirror, Tuesday, October 31, 1967. Big photo of Brian on his way to trial & a story on the arrest of Chris Jagger and Suzy Creemcheese at a protest march for Brian.

Jailed...Brian Jones Daily Mirror clipping, Tuesday, October 31, 1967. Note, Brian did not serve 9 months! Brian was advised by his high priced lawyers to cop a plea to avoid a jail sentence. Photo of a glum looking Brian around the time he was sentenced.

Jones Bailed Melody Maker front page, Nov 4, 1967. Brian spent one night in the Wormwood Scrubs. He hated it.

Second Drug Bust, May 21, 1968 as told by Kathy Etchingham in MOJO, July 1999. It was Brian's ball of wool? No, Jon tells me this account is confused!

'Stones To Tour' Rumors Rolling Stone Magazine, late 1968. The Stones wanted to tour and ??? Not much is known about Brian Jones after this point in time. We have a lot of unreliable witnesses arguing disputed points from here on out...


Cool pool pix! Brian photos in excellent taste.

"My Brian" by Linda Lawrence from Modern Screen, August 1970

Over His Dead Body Probably the definitive tribute to Brian Jones by Al Aronowitz. Brian was a 'hetereosexual male' - thank you, Al!

John Lennon discusses Brian Jones from Lennon Remembers, the Rolling Stone Interviews (c) 1971 by Jann Wenner. Lately, even Beatle books are quoting this wrong, so here is the entire quote, in context. Dig!


MICK JAGGER Everybody's Lucifer (c) 1974 by Tony Scaduto. Includes the knife fight, Mick saves Brian in the moat, Alexis on the new band, Brian's complaints, Janet Lawson shocker. Tabloid, but what can I do?

Linda Lawrence Leitch in Rock Wives (c) 1984 by Victoria Balfour. Wish I had room to scan in the whole chapter.

Anita Pallenberg in Rock Wives (c) 1984 by Victoria Balfour, Photo (c) Harvey Wang. Brian was a terrible person, really, says Anita. A lot of people say the same thing about her.

From BLUES ~ the British Connection, (c) 1986 by Bob Brunning, formerly of Savoy Brown. Note, Ian Stewart died in 1985, as this book was nearing completion. I think we have to take this as his final say about Brian Jones. Later quotes from 'Stu' in murder theory books which praise Brian and knock Mick and Keith are highly suspicious.
Page 16 Geoff Bradford and Ian Stewart recall Brian in the early days: stealing ciggies and upsetting people.
Page 22 Thanks to shrewd Andrew the Stones make it big, stardom goes to Brian's head, Brian can't write songs. (Compare Stu's views to Linda's My Brian article and file under 'Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars'.)

Ye olde "gay fling" as told by C. Andersen in Jagger Unauthorized ,(c) 1993. Hanky panky & yucky sex down Edith Grove way. Tabloid, but you wanted to know.

Anita on Brian in Early Stones (c) 1992. Now she's read a few murder theory books and had time to think about her evilness. Note that here she says Brian was going to form a blues band with Alexis, and either another/or the same (?) band with John Lennon (& presumably, 'blues mama' Yoko Ono)


Frequently asked Questions about:

Hang-ups Brian had a lot of 'em! Personality Disorder Chart from a psychology textbook (slightly modified)

Peter Asher's Hip London, words and photos by Peter. From the same issue of Datebook as above. Sad to say, last page is missing from the story.

Page 1 Freaky fish eye photo of the Royal Albert Hall.
Page 2 Photos of Granny Takes a Trip and the Scotch - "Underground London" "IT and Indica"
Page 3 Photo of The Indica, "Night Life", "Concert Scene" but sorry Floyd fans, the part about the UFO club was on the back of a Raider's poster, no longer intact.


Cotchford Farm '00 Daily Telegraph newspaper article on the home of Brian Jones and A.A. Milne

names, faces and places - photo collection of people and places frequently mentioned in 'the Brian Jones story' yet rarely pictured. Not a Brian Jones Image Gallery!


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