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Charlotte Jane O'Brien
Craig William Roche

tragically killed in Burnaby, BC
March 23, 1993

Memoriams March 23, 1994

In loving memory
of our darling son and brother
Craig Wm. Roche
age 25
and his girlfriend
Charlotte J. O'Brien
age 23


It's been a year ago today
We heard the dreadful news
Someone has taken both your lives
And broke our hearts in two

Today we know not who it was
Or why the awful deed
We live in hope and prayer
That you are now at peace

Two beautiful children
Making their way in life
Their lives were taken from them
Filling ours' with sadness and grief

Words alone cannot express
The heartache and sorrow we share
Our shattered hope of you having children
To call us uncle, nan and pop some year

To hold you close and hug once more
To talk like we always did
That's all gone now
Loving memories remain instead

We love you both and miss you so
No one will ever know
Craig and Charlotte, our darling
You're with us forever now.

Peggy Roche

Ever remembered and sadly missed by Peggy, Bill and Corey Roche.

In loving memory
of our darling
daughter and sister

Charlotte Jane O'Brien
and boyfriend
Craig William Roche

We were not there to see you die
To hold your hand or kiss good-bye
But we'll remember or whole lives through
The last few words we had with you

More and more each day we miss them
Friends may think the wound is healed
But they little know the sorrow
Lies beneath our hearts concealed

Days of sadness still o'er us
Tears of silence ofter flow
For memory keeps you near us
Though you died one year ago

Always remembered and sadly missed by Agnes, Dan and Darrell O'Brien.

In loving memory
of a dear cousin
Charlotte O'Brien

When we think of how suddenly you left us
There was no chance to say good-bye
Although we have to accept it
It's so hard to understand why

We mourn for you in silence
No one can see us weep
But many a silent tear is shed
While others are asleep

There is an ache within our hears
That years won't take away
A place in our hearts no one can fill
We love you Charlotte and always will

Your name is often spoken
Our thoughts are with you still
You haven't been forgotten
And you know you never will

Always remembered and sadly missed by cousins Shelley, Sheri, Stephen, Wanda, Jackie, Craig, Jamie, Karen, Jimmy, Gina, Michael, Amy, Evan, Andrew and Russell.

In loving memory
of a special niece and cousin
Charlotte Jane O'Brien

We little knew when we woke that morn
The sorrow the day would bring
The call was sudden, the shock severe
To part with one we loved so dear

Sometimes it's hard to understand
Why some things have to be
In his wisdom God has planned
Beyond our power to see

Always a smile, instead of a frown
Always a hand, when someone was down
Always true, thoughtful and kind
Wonderful memories she left behind

Always remembered and sadly missed by Johnny, Linda, Karen and Craig Dyer.

In fond and loving memory
of a dear neice, cousin and godmother
Charlotte Jane O'Brien

We do not forget her, we loved her to dearly
For memory to fade from our lives like a dream
Our lips need not speak when our hears mourn sincerely
For grief often dwells where it is seldom seen

Forever remembered, forever loved by Aunt Judy, Uncle Mike, Michael, Amy and Evan.

Last updated September 13, 2003.

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