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Band History

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Band members:

The band first started out as a three man komedy group kalled Musket. After wanting to do more musik and bekome serious they wanted to gett a better name. So one day Kolin thought of the name and the hole band agreed on it. The band had the name and song ideas but no drummer. Problem, so they were hoping that the bassist ZaKk's little brother would be the drummer but he didn't want to be. So Kolin had this friend that plays bass and asked her to join the band. Thinking two bassist would sound new, different, and really sweet! So the second bassist is JeSs and she brings a great sound to the band. We did have a drummer for one night but he is selling his set because he doesn't want to drum anymore : (. The band still needs a freakin drummer!! More to kome kiddies, visit the site again.