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Screamin' Monkey was formed in 2002 in the small town of Iroquois, Ontario by bassist Mike Miller and guitarist Chris Van Haren. They started playing their instruments at age 17 and by the end of that year were already playing local shows. They brought in other local talents to play with them on the early shows. Their first drummer was local dynamo Adolf Bowes, and they brought in the screeching vocals of Vince DiAnno.

Screamin' Monkey's popularity was growing fast on the local music scene, in fact it was growing too fast. Before long Adolf became addicted to opium, the addiction caught up to him like a cheetah chasing after a fat kid with a ham in his pocket, he had no choice but to leave. Vince Dianno blew his money on bubble gum and was forced to drink gasoline. Vince began sounding like a mentally handicapped frog when he sang, so for obvious reasons he had to leave. The remaining members of the band tried to keep going with the music, but with Vince and Adolf gone they kept jumping from drummer to drummer and singer to singer. Eventually Mike and Chris got tired of the lack of incompetent musicians and moved to Ottawa in hopes to find better musicians.

They are now in the writing process and should be coming out with a hot new album sometime in the new year and head out on a world tour. Be prepared, they could be coming to a city near YOU.