Chris Martin

lead singer, piano,acoustic guitar, lyric writer

birth: March 2,1977
Exeter, (Devon, UK)

"Driven. Ambitious. Extremely talented. Quality." - Will

Will Champion


birth: July 31,1978
Southampton, (Hampshire, UK)

"He's extremely strong, extremely funny, extremely good at stuff - he's particularly good at Michael Owen impressions. What's the word?
Trustworthy." - Guy

Guy Berryman

bass guitar

birth: April 12, 1978
Kirkcaldy (Fife, Scotland)

"Someone I got the wrong impression of when I first met. He's not as scary as he looks - he's a lot nicer. The dark member of the band. Everyone thinks he's moody. Soft-spoken is better." - Chris

Jonny Buckland

electric guitar

September 11, 1977 Mold (North Wales)

"Talented. Funny. Great guitarist." - Chris

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