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Guitarists Click Here! GOTO NEW SANSIETCH WEBSITE! This site will no longer be updated. It will remain functional, however. View Sansietch's EPK
View Sansietch's EPK

Scroll down!! Don't forget to check out the FREE songs down below. You can get more songs for just 99 cents at
Click on search and enter sansietch in the artist name box, then get your songs for 99 cents!!!
Or buy any of the albums...including the 6 CD box set below. Free Box Set Booklet (.doc) Free Box Set Flyer (.doc) Thanks for your support.


Departure - New Single off the Acoustica CD!

Download this FREE song now!!! to give you a glimpse of the 8 song Riverworld masterpiece in simplicity.

Again over an hour of music! The new "Acoustica" has 15 of the simplest, most powerful songs ever. Download this FREE song now and then Click The Link Above to get the album.
sansietch's photos More of sansietch's photos

Baby Rocks - Rock Single!

The boy can play that there guitar! And he's awesome in so many different styles! Click below to order the Rock CD right away!

Order the new "home-brewed" releases from Blues-Shredder Sansietch now. "Blues Farm" has 17 of the hottest, most innovative blues jams ever. Forget the production, wait until you see what this guy does out on the farm!
"All 3 of these have over an hour of music on them. Everything is done by me. I don't have a bass, so I don't have any bass on them, and the quality on the earlier CD's is shaky, but the idea was to get this material down and have it available to work with in my bands.

I don't care much for polished music anyway. Every track has both an "improved" rhythm structure and solo. Overdubs are practically nonexistent."

I use several guitars. A Gibson Epiphone flat-top acoustic. Two electric Ibanez and one Les Paul copy. I run a 100w Behringer Vampire and an old 60 watt LabSeries L3. All of these homebrewed CD's (that's well over 85 songs!!!) are available for purchase. They come burned on CDR's with Cover artwork and photos by Sansietch and a full lyric sheet with liner notes. The box set also includes a full booklet documenting the artist thoughts during and after each album.

$8 plus $2.50 shipping for each, or delve into the development of Sansietch... It isn't always pretty, but going through the early albums and then listening to the recent CD's...truly a unique way of seeing an artist. Music afficianados...never before has the opportunity to "hear" the unaffected growth and maturation of an artist been available. 6 full CD's with instructional booklet and all lyrics and artwork. No one else is involved!!! Hear the artist Sansietch with no producers, bandmates, record companies, etc. influencing any part of his development. You can't study an artist like this anywhere else... Click below to get the box set now!

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Or enjoy this 48 CD case for only $12.95. It comes with a carrying strap and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Buy individual songs here for .99!!!!
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Check Out More FREE Songs Below! Be patient, especially if you don't have DSL. One of these is from the Blues Farm album.


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