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FELLOWSHIP.BY.REDEMPTION_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-17 SUNDAY_ 55-0403 75 You know, now, this is kind of a little bit hard. But you are the only Bible that many people will ever read, you Christians. Your life is the only Bible that men, a lot of men and women, will ever read, just the way you act and do. So Christians are supposed to be a living example of what Christ is. And if Christ is in the human heart, then He will certainly live His own life, for Christ is in you. And the Spirit of Christ be in you, then you become a new creature. Now, I love to think that Christians everywhere, if every person that called on the Lord Jesus would live just exactly the Christian life, why, this would be a converted world in the next twenty-four hours. It certainly would be. The Bible said that you are the salt of the earth. And the salt can only save when it comes in contact with the spoiling earth. The earth is spoiling, rottening. You know that. And the salt must come in contact with the earth, or if it don't, it'll be gone. any further questions please email me at about William Marrion Branham Malachi 4:5