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Whee! More Guam pics! This time, it's all from my good friend Jon Dolor (aka Spiffy Beans :P) Accompanied are my lil comments below each pic.

**sighs** The busy outer halls of University of Guam, where I briefly attended before abruptly moving to Vegas. From left, Joe Lizama, Abby, Erika, dude, dude (I dunno their names, sorry :S) and Cindy.

Close-ups of my friends, Abby and Cindy. They look like twins huh? C'mon admit it!

FAST FORWARD TO... JON'S B-DAY! Surprisingly, this is the only group shot from that day at Kings. From left to right; Patricia (special girl to Jon ;P), Cindy, Tina and Drew!

THIS delicious goody is Jon's B-day cake. **DRooOOooLs** And...

Here's another shot of the cake. YuMMMmmMMMY!

FAST FORWARD AGAIN TO... JON'S POST B-DAY BASH, which took place at Hilton Hotel in Tumon. Here's a shot of Merv and Pat. Again with the gansta hand signs. Yo, I ain't hating, I'm just tripping :P

Thumbs-up for Patrick!

Finally! A group shot! From clockwise; Albert, Drew, Merv, Tina and bday boy, Jon!

That last pic up there was the only group shot. So the rest are candid pics, catching them at very awkward moments. Serves them right for not being copperative. **Nyah!** Anyways, here's Erika, Emilie, Cindy (fascing away), a scary-looking Dale and Bayly.

Here's Pat and Oscar, Abby's brother. Dude, I'm serious when I said candid. No offense, Oskah, but you look fucking stoned. Whahahaha! Er... sorry.

On the right side, at least those facing forward, are Erika, Emilie, Cindy and Dale.

A more up-close shot of the above only this time, Cindy's ready. **BLEAHHH!**

Remember, right side. That's Oscar, Tina hiding behind Merv, Pat ("Mmm.. you smell good."), and Abby.

Another candid shot, with Merv looking all smug :P

Oscar, Tina and Merv.


Jon, looking very photogenic (even with the gleaming glasses) and... I'm sorry, I didn't get the name of these 2 people. Sorry!

Clearly, she's the center of attention and... Sorry, I dunno her name either o_O

Jon and Patricia (his special girl...**OooOOOoHHhhh!**). She's camera-shy :P

Abby, meet ice cream. Ice cream, meet Abby's digestive system. **GLOMP!**

Another candid shot; Albert, Erika and Emilie.

Yep, a candid shot. From left to right; Merv, Oscar, Albert, Cindy and-- WHO'S THAT GUY?!

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