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Sheila's Vegas Homepage

"If you wake me up, I will bite your head off."

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Hey, welcome to my homepage. Since I'm in a new place, I might as well start something new, eh?

I'm gonna try adding a bit more to this homepage to make it "Sheila-ish." I set this up mainly for my friends back home in Guam :) This page is still under construction cuz I haven't done HTML stuff for a long time. Just come back and visit once in a while okies?

In the meantime, please feel free to look around at the pages that are currently up. And look for Sasami (adorable lil girl with bright pink eyes, sky blue hair tied up in pony tails and wearing a green kimono) cuz she'll help you navigate around the webpage.

Or, if you don't feel like viewing some pics cuz your internet connection's-- bleah, how about some light reading? Like, oh I dunno, my Xanga Online Journal? It's updated daily or whenever I feel like typing... PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

Much Luv, Sheila

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This dinky lil webpage was updated on November 12, 2002 (Vegas time)

What was updated:

- No major update, just took out the background music. Currently looking for "Simple and Clean" midi!! ;)

See who else dropped by :)
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