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Breeding for type, health, temperament, strength and power.



Multi V1 Rockdalestar Kemo    NRC(A ) Ch Darksupreme Gonzo X R. Boa

RU/B.I.S.S/Multi V1 Rockdalestar Peco (A.I) Astor Von Junipera x R. Zoey

Benahein Arminus (A.I) Gil Crni Lotos x R. Carmina

Rockdalestar Herro  Wenno of Nicholas Lion x R. Mimi

Females Rockdalestar  Nica R.Peco (A.I) x R. Indiana (A.I)

 Rockdalestar Jessi R.Peko (A.I) x R.Kathy

Rockdalestar Boa  R. Herro x R.Olympia

Rockdalestar  Indiana   Imperator v. d. Zschammer x R. Karla (A.I)

Registered breeder since 1967


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Update:- 26 September 2017  


Litter and older dogs enquire welcome


Rockdalestar Rottweilers ~  Jim Gestakovski  

 (02) 95976144    Mob 0409710414  


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 Benahein Rottweilers

Western Australia  0404187135


Zalapa Rottweilers

New South Wales  0296275932


We have used these two stunning males in our lines via frozen semen.

Imperator von Haus Zschammer


progeny from Astor Von Junipera

Thanks you Lidija and Vladimir on allowing us to purchase Astor semen but also being wonderful to work with.


Top dogs retired/from our kennels

Multi BISS including National B.I.S.S 2009

Judge:- Herr Helmut Weiler (Gmy)

Rockdalestar Herro

Producing multi V1 and In Show winners

(Wenno of Nicholas Lion x R. Mimi)









Multi Ru/Up B.I.S.S /NSW SIEGREN 04 /         Aust Ch Rockdalestar Mimi  


 Multi RU/BISS Aust Ch Rockdalestar Zoey  


Top producer, Zoey, Champ, Olympia, Carerra all produced on for us and other kennels.

Aust Ch Rockdalestar Bessy


B.I.S/Multi Ru B.I.S/Aust Ch Rockdalestar Kobra

(owned by Bob Ivanoski )



C.I.S.S Rockdalestar Rizo

Producing multi V1 and In Show winners

(Wenno of Nicholas Lion x R. Mimi)


Rec CC specialty

V1 - Rockdalestar Caesarstone

(Felix Crni Lotos x Rockdalestar Karla (A.I)


Rockdalestar Karla (A.I)

(Astor Von Junipera x R. Zoey)


Rockdalestar Vidra (A.I)

(Astor Von Junipera x R. Zoey)




Welcome to our site, my wife Vera and I hope you enjoy looking around and enjoying our dogs as much as we enjoy them. We are situated in Sydney NSW, Australia and have had a love affair with this wonderful breed for many years now. We are proud of our dogs and enjoy exhibiting them at Specialty shows. Members of the Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of N.S.W (Inc.), we breed along the National Rottweiler Council of Australia code of ethics and our dogs are HD/Elbow x-rayed and eye/mouth certified. Our dogs enjoy the show-ring and look forward to spending their time swimming and running at our farm.

We not only have bred/owned but have sold pups that have grown up to be Best / Ru-Up Exhibit in Show Winners and we are breeder/owner of the National B.I.S.S 2009/Multi B.I.S.S Rockdalestar Herro.  We have bred multi B.I.S.S / RU B.I.S.S, Multi BIS All-Breeds and Multi class In Show winners and B.I.G winners and constantly on the pegs at Specialty shows and All-Breeds shows.  Our progeny have helped many kennels to produce their own winners which we are very proud of. We wish to thank those who have trusted the Rockdalestar breeding program.

We congratulate owners of dogs they have purchased from us or by dogs from our lines which are always on the pegs. Thank you and keep up the great work.

We have used some of the best bloodline in the world to produce what we have in our kennels today, we will continue to incorporate the best to make sure we produce top quality Rottweilers. Dogs that are in our pedigrees from frozen semen or live mating's Felix Crni Lotos, Gil Crni lotos, Astor von Junipera, Imperator von der Zschammer, Wenno of Nicholas Lion, Matt Jailbird Mra-Zus.

We wish to thank the overseas specialists for acknowledging the quality of our dogs.  We look forward to a brighter future with our new young stock to hit the ring.

There is a new disease out within the rottweiler breed around the world in short called JLPP. There is a DNA test that can be done to ensure puppies will not be affected. All our breeding stock have been tested. In respect to the breed we are doing the right thing.

Information on this breed click HERE

Our Dogs  (click their photos to see more)



Rockdalestar Peko (A.I)  (Astor Von Junipera x R. Zoey)  x  Rockdalestar Indiana (A.I)  (Imperator von der Zschammer x R. Karla (A.I)

"Ditto" owned by Ian and Donna sharp "Zalapa Knls"


Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 54th Specialty Show April 2017  Judge Mr Bruno Borotolo Morstabilini (Italy)

Best Minor In Show - VP1Rockdalstar Queen Jacoba (Lisa Chin)

Junior Bitch - V5. Rockdalestar Nina Girl (Zalapa Knls)

Intermediate Bitch - V2. Rockdalestar Karma (plus Breed Survey passed) N & S Bennett


 Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 63rd Specialty Show April 2017   Judge Mrs Renee Kennedy (Victoria)

Best Intermediate In Show  - V 1. Rockdalestar Karma (N & S Bennett)




Dam Rockdalestar Carmina x Gil Crni Lotos


                            Rockdalestar Nina owned by Zalapa knls


Queensland Specialty Show 9 &10/July 2016 Judge Lidija Mihajlovic (Serbia)  Rockdalestar Nadia - Baby Bitch Class - VP5

(3.5 months) owners Brad and Leonie Peaker (Owners first show)


Very proud of Kemo, his first two shows ever in a ring and takes out 2 V1's and 2 Opposite In Show

Rottweiler Club of N.S.W Inc. 2/3 April 2016 Judge Brooke Turner (NSW)

V1 - Opposite Junior In Show ROCKDALESTAR KEMO

NRC (A ) Darksupreme Gonzo X Rockdalestar Boa


ROTTWEILER NATIONAL 2016 hosted by N.D.R.C of N.S.W   Judge:- Mr Christian Bernbacher (Austria)

V1 - Opposite Junior In Show  ROCKDALESTAR KEMO



 is strong a powerful male with a stunning headpiece, dark mouth and eye, clean dog. strong powerful movement, excellent topline and underline we looking forward to having this boy in our kennels once again. Tito is the litter brother to R. Vidra, R. Karla and R. Bessie, all which are very strong females and are producing some very good progeny. We are pleased with what Peco is producing for us and other kennels.

Peko at 6 years old sitting with myself and Ian Sharp from Zalapa kennels



Multi BISS/National Specialty 2009/Multi Dog CC/V1


A thank you to our special boy who has given us so much fun over the years from his wins in the specialty ring to producing some very nice progeny. You are one very special boy to us.


Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW judge Erika Stepanauskiene (Lithuania)

Multi V1/Res CC/Multi Class In Show specialty Rockdalestar Icon (Imperator von der Zschammer x Rockdalestar Karla) (13 months old)

Junior Dog V1- Res Best Male

Hips 0:0 Elb 0:0


Rockdalestar Indiana (A.I )  (Imperator von der Zschammer x Rockdalestar Karla) (13 months old) Hips 1:1 Elb 0:1

  We as breeders are only the breeds careers, we all should be working together to improve the breed. 


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