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>>>Full name: Augustus Rex Ramos Somera

>>>Nickname: Rex

>>>Birthday: August 24, 1984

>>>Age: 18

>>>Nationality: Filipino

>>>E-mail: ;

>>>Current School: De La Salle University - Manila

>>>Course: Business Management

>>>High School: O. B. Montessori Center - Greenhills

>>>Moto in life: Everything happens for a reason, and God is the one who gives the reasons for everything.

>>>Greates dream(s): To live in Japan for at least a year; be a player on the Los Angeles Lakers; own or be a major stockholder of San Miguel Corp.; be in Ayala's or H. Cojuanco's shoes! (....hey, I CAN dream, right?)

>>>Why have this mug shot and info about myself? Because I have nothing better to do and say!


Hey guys!  Well... yup, that is my picture...poor little fellow, I am, really...and yes, I truly am 18 and in college...and that is not my grade school graduation picture, its my high school grad, kapeesh?!!  Hehe, Anyway, like I said at the start, welcome to my humble cybernetic abode!  Now how about I tell you people stuff about myself and pretend like you really care (",)