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What better way to celebrate another year of my life than a personal site about moi!
Life is still amazing even over the age of 30 and I'm loving it!
Be aware that my other pages are graphic intensive and may take longer to load.
Please be patient.

Most recent photo of me with a ruffled Chance...
there's not too many photos since I'm usually the one behind the camera!

I am a...
~ Mommy Maniac ~
~ Digi-cam Diva ~
~ Wiggage Wifey ~
~ Clutter Collector ~
~ Sentimental Saver ~


I believe....


It's been on my "to do" list to make my homepage. It's still in it's early stage of construction but it's a start! I had an old homepage back in 2000 during my bachelorette period, but it hasn't been updated in ages. Now that I'm a mommy and a wife, it made sense to start anew to go along with my own growing family!

We've got the bug...twice in fact! For the past 2 weeks, Joe and I have been battling out a cold and now the flu! We've emptied out our medicine cabinet and our place is a total mess! Poor Chance had no chance (no pun intended) and got the bug from us. Fortunately, he had received a flu shot and booster so he didn't suffer as badly as we did! In fact, he smiled quite a bit! On a good note, he's been clapping his hands and walking about! His balance still needs a little work but he gets so excited it makes both Joe and I smile! He's weaned off the bottle and drinking milk using both the sippy cup and straw, but still very picky about food. Chance also loves to give pats on the people's back. He is just a mimic machine! I'm trying to get him to blow kisses in time for Valentine's Day.

Joe has been working out diligently in our home gym which is now equipped with a bowflex and he's back in his zone. As for me, I received a certificate for a hot stone full body massage, another certificate for haircut and higlights (from Chance who loves to pull my hair), more clothes, a DVD and a digital camcorder for my birthday. I'll be using the camcorder to record Chance's every step and move. Poor boy won't get any privacy! Joe also baked me a delicious chocolate cake which is disappearing by the hour...yummy! So much for my resolution to cut down on sweets!


How did you like My ABC's of me?
Feel free to check out our Journal to see what's new with my family,
or my Miscellany for my lessons learned as a 1st time mommy!

Hope you enjoyed your visit!


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