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Created March 26, 2005

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Happy Easter

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On Easter, we gave Chance his own Easter egg hunt with a German flair. We used the German Kinder eggs which are hollow chocolate eggs with small toys hidden in the middle. But these Kinder eggs had little baseball hats which were adorable! Chance found them irresistible so we kept them safe in the egg carton till the egg hunt. Since his balance wasn't so good on the grass and he was wearing dress shoes, we made it easier for him by having it on a nearby parking area. We never thought we would get so much pleasure and joy watching him walk to the eggs and grabbing them! He also received a beach pail with a shovel, plow and a sifter in the shape of a crab with his Easter goodies. In the afternoon, we drove to Heidelberg to check out the Easter Bazaar where we got him a wooden puzzle. Afterward, we treated ourselves at TGI Friday's which had recently opened up on base for several months. Yummy! With all the excitement and new activities, Chance was tired by the end of the day and fell soundly asleep! What a day!

~ Update ~

Joe is beaming with pride! On Thursday, Chance said "Da-Da!" I could tell Joe was ecstatic! He had been waiting to hear those heartfelt words from Chance for the longest time! Definitely a kodak moment! As for Chance, his adventures keep growing everyday. He's discovered his tongue and likes to stick it out and grab it with his fingers. His drooling has increased twofold which means we change his drenched shirt or bibs at least twice a day! The two girls from his playgroup love to hug him and will fight with each other for the chance...which I find very cute.

Chance has even found his little haven to hang out in...right in-between our tanning bed and our half oval bedroom window is a small open space where he loves to watch the cars whiz by. It's his little "spot." He also waved for the first time when our German neighbor waved at him! Our favorite part of the day is just before bathtime when he seems to have the most energy! Chance will pace around the apartment swinging his long white stick until he gets dizzy and trips. He looks like a miniature Drum Major leading a marching band at double time! When he's on his rampage, both Joe and I stay away from his path because he swings his stick wildly! It's actually hilarious to watch him go full-speed!

We hope you had a great Easter!
~The Ratliff Family