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My musings as a mom....

These are my lessons learned as a 1st time mommy to my cute little boy, Chance.
I am posting them in hopes that it helps other new parents out!

Baby Gadgets

I'm a die hard fan of Sex and the City, so when Meredithís next door neighbor brought over a bouncer to calm her baby, I bought one believing it would have the same effect on Chance. That didn't work! Babies are all different...some like swings, some like bouncers...others may not like either. It's all trial and error. Chance loved the swing but was never thrilled with his bouncer. So it just sat there and took up space. I suggest keeping the receipts to every baby item so you can return it easily if your baby dislikes it.

Long Hair

I can see why lots of mommies have short hair. First, if you have long hair, you just donít have the time to blow dry it much less have the time to get a haircut or even highlights. Second, babies love to pull on hair! AND they pull hard!!! Ouch! I've already lost some precious strands from Chance's iron grip. Long hair makes it too accessible to an eager hand even in a ponytail. Best bet is to put it in a bun! Third, if you shed hair as much as I do, youíll find hair strands in your babyís hands from crawling or between his butt cheeks when you change his diaper. I hate to vaccuum (Joe can vouch for that) but with the amount of hair I lose everyday, it's a never ending battle.


Chance is the king of rides...he has a German black carriage, a travel system, a hiking baby backpack, 2 front baby carriers and a jogger. Not to mention the 2 umbrella strollers we have used. If we could do it over again, instead of buying the travel system and all the baby backpack and baby carriers, we would have bought a backpack/stroller combo. Itís the size of an umbrella stroller and can be used as a baby backpack! Small but useful in crowded or unpaved places. An universal baby car seat stroller is also very useful and less costly than the travel system.

Baby Clothes

When it came to clothes, we went a little too far (hey, we were excited first time parents!). Even though we utilized Ebay to buy some good quality used clothing, the majority of Chance's clothes were new. Whenever a baby outfit was on sale, I bought it. We couldn't resist buying him a letterman's jacket or a leather jacket...costly, yes. Needless to say, he has tons of clothes. Babies donít care what they look like as long as they are comfortable. Plus they grow so quickly! There were a few that Chance only wore twice before he outgrew them. We also didnít expect the amount of baby clothes we would receive as baby gifts. All were adorable outfits! If we have another boy, we'll be set on clothes! Another thing...forget about buying costly shoes. Most babies dislike anything on their feet especially heavy hard shoes. Instead get comfortable cloth booties that stretch and will keep their feet warm.


We have two walkers...don't ask me why! With the limited selection we have in Germany, we bought one that we thought would entice Chance. It turned out he was too short to reach the floor even with the smallest setting! So we kept the darn thing with the intent that he would grow into it and use it. When we visited BabiesRUs in the states, we were just amazed with the selection. We put Chance in a walker that allowed his feet to reach the ground and he zoomed about the floor. We were so ecstatic, we bought it and mailed it back to Germany. To say the least, Chance dislikes being inside the walker since it confines him. Instead he'll grab onto it for support when he stands and will push it around on the floor. After doing some reading, I discovered that walkers are not even recommended for babies because it might delay them from developing muscle tone for walking.

Friends, Advise & Questions

Treasure both your single and married friends. Ask for advice or even for some help if you feel overwhelmed. They will keep you sane during those days when you need to vent or need some desperate baby/toddler advice! For example, when we tried to wean Chance away from the bottle to a sippy cup, we were overwhemled by his cries for his bottle. We took the suggestion of another mommy (Thanks Taty!) and found a sippy cup with a softer tip similar to the nipple of the bottle and voila...bye-bye bottle with no tears! Also don't be afraid to ask the doctor questions! Joe and I used to go to the doctor's office with a list of questions and would check them off as he answered them. Believe me, my memory has not been the same since my pregnancy and having that list has been a lifesaver! I've asked questions ranging from the color of Chance's stools to how to cut his soft nails!

Both Joe and I found these books to be helpful.
Keep in mind that all babies are different and reach milestones at their own pace.

During Pregnancy

Buff Moms-To-Be by Sue Fleming
(Gives sample of modified exercises using weights in the comfort of your home!)

Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy by Linda Lovine
(Very amusing and blunt!)

Be prepared: A practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg & Jeannie Hayden
(Joe finished this before I did! Funny and amusing with helpful tips.)

What to Expect When You're Expecting by Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway
(This book is handed out to every pregnant woman at our clinic...very informative!)

After Pregnancy

Girlfriends Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood by Linda Lovine
(Humorous and definitely helpful)

The First Years by Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway
(Answers tons of questions and questions you didn't even know you had!)

Outsmarting the Female-Fat Cell-After Pregnancy by Debra Waterhouse
(Definitely full of great information on getting your body back in shape...wish I had read it prior to the birth!))

Sign with your baby by Joseph Garcia
(I had fun with this one!)

Toddler years

Girlfriends Guide to Surviving the Toddler Years by Linda Lovine
(Still far, very insightful and great tips!)

The Toddler Years by Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway
(Still reading...proved to be helpful already!)

More will be added as I think of them! Please come back again!