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Simply Jill

How do I sum up who I am?
Thought I would have a little fun with the ABC's.
These are some random tidbits about little old me...
as well as my musings and perspective on my life....
or as my hubby would say "my wiggage".

Click on photo to see my high school photo with big hair!

ABC's of me!

A - Ambition: Be and nurture a safe, productive and secure home for our family. One of these days, manage a successful part-time on-line business from home so I can be with my children!

B - Birthday: February 1 in the Year of the Tiger!

C - Computer: E-Machine and HP laptop (both crashed on New Year's Eve 2006)

D - Dream: Beach house in Florida or Spain. Own a small cafe and lingerie boutique as well as a jet ski rental place and run them at our leisure. Our children attending college on scholarships!

E - Exercise: Weight room 2 times/week, jog, elliptical trainer, lugging our boys around, chasing after our speedster (Chance)

F - Favorite food: (Beware...daily indulgence is bad for your teeth), Korean and Thai food, dim sum, strawberry & smurf gummies, Italian ice cream, Italian cappucinno, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream,

G - Greatest accomplishment: My sons!

H - Hobby: Ballroom dance, reading, shopping, travelling, scrapbooking, watching movies,

I - Idol: Angelina Jolie...beautiful, independent, rebellious, defies norms. She is a humanitarian, mom and strong person.

J - Job: to TWO adorable boys AND proud wife of my best friend, Joe! Served several years in the Army as a Captain during my singleton years!

K - Kids: My precious 3 month old baby, Cole, and my lovable, two year old toddler, Chance!!!

L - Location: We're a military family, so home is where the Army sends us. Currently living in Germany!

M - Movie: Too many...some quick favorites are Chicago, Titanic, Joy Luck Club, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sweet Home Alabama, Thorn Birds, Greace, The Notebook , Any Angelina Jolie movie

N - Name/Nickname: Chacha, Chachacha, Hubby calls me Babe, Bootygirl, Beavis (you have to ask Joe on this one), and MP

O - Optimist or pessimist: Thought I was an optimist but I worry quite a bit about everything! Especially when it comes to my boys!

P - Pet peeves: rudeness, racial discrimination, road rage, staus (traffic jams on autobahn), repeating myself, broken promises, deployments

Q - Quote: "No regrets..."

R - Restaurant: USA - Cheesecake Factory, Germany - Webers Wikinger (local restaurant) and Schloss Auerbach (castle restaurant)

S - School: Cornell University

T - Travel: Too many to list...Moscow, Luxor, Istanbul, Santorini, Mallorca, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Budapest, Venice...whew! Would like to explore South America and Asia

U - Unfulfilled ambition: Teacher, Massage Therapist, Sex Therapist

V - Vacation spot: Spain, Italy, Santorini, Miami, Venice Beach...anywhere warm and near a beach!

W - Wish: For my family to stay healthy and happy for the rest of our flu or colds to plague us! My Wish for my Children
X - X-tra facts about me: Night owl, Reality Junkie, ,

Y - Years married: 2 1/2 years but I've known my hubby for 8 years! We met at Officer Basic Course when we were both 2nd Lieutenants!

Z - Zodiac sign:

New Perspective

~ I know I love being a mom when I get more pleasure buying stuff for my sons than for myself especially when the outfit will only fit for a few weeks!

~ Need the 3 C's to make marriage work: commitment, compatibility and (the one I'm working on) communication. I always assume my hubby can read my mind!

~ Marriage and Mommyhood are better than what I expected! Beyond words!  

My musings as a mom

Hope you got to know me a little better!
I will update every year on my birthday.
I would love to know what you thought of my site by signing the guestbook below. Ciao!

Updated February 5, 2006