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January 8, 2005

It's hard to believe our son is ONE years old and starting to walk! Chance took his 1st step five days
after his birthday on January 13! We're thrilled as can be! We had his birthday party late in the day on Saturday after his nap. Little guy was at first reluctant to put on the four top layers of the Korean costume, but he was quite the trooper! Not only did he endure all the clothing, he also wore the long black hat and smiled for our photos! We conducted our own tol celebration with the symbolic items foretelling his future. Instead of rice cakes, we had an abundance of fruit which Chance ended up tasting. He chose the book (scholar) first, then the money (wealth) second. We opened up his presents first before changing him to his Blues outfit for his birthday cake! We discovered that as much as he likes to eat ice cream, he wasn't too eager to dig into a cold ice cream cake with his hands! We also found out trying to get everything on video, camera and digicam took a lot of running around on our part! It was such a great day for Chance that he didn't want to sleep when we placed him down in his bed. He protested by yelling and jumping in his crib. It was a party "fit for a little king" as Joe put it. Exactly what our son deserves! Enjoy!

Let's Skidoo!

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Would you like to know what Chance did before and after his party?
(Click on Mommy & Chance for more photos!)

Blue's fans!

We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed putting it all together for Chance!
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