Tristram's Travels!

Tris has recently been to...

Our great travelling explorer, Tristram the Wanderer has recently returned from a cheese collecting mission in switzerland, and a pastry throwing convention in France. Welcome to the documentation of his travels, the fantabulously kooky "Tristram's Travels!"

These are the text messages sent to us at random from our travelling friend, as he boldly ventured forth into the mmostly already discovered lands... I may have ommitted some things that you dont need to know, like the weather etc!

TEXT 1: "Hi Shell! i'm texting you from France, how random is that? :-)" Yes, it is pretty random.. thanx tris, keep up the good work!

TEXT 2: "Just entering Switzerlnad! (the french speaking part of course) :-)" It was at this point I realised Tris didn't quite get the whole 'documenting your travels' idea... but he like's those smiley faces! ;)

TEXT 3: "C'est voyage est tres ennuieux! Treize heurs a la voiture! Zzz :-)" Roughly translated this says :"the journey is helluva boring! 13 hours in the car! yawn yawn yawn :-)" It seems Tris has already become fluent in French, in a matter of hours!!

TEXT 4: "finalment, je arrive! Je suis sleepy :-) have a nice evening" You guessed it- he's arrived and he's sleepy! The last bit is quite ironic, my evening was certainly odd... if not exactly 'nice'!! The picture's on the news page should explain this...

TEXT 5: "here's something for your site: I saw on a lorry, a sticker saying "SAVE THE WORLD- KILL YOURSELF" (Humans are destroying the world) How random is that?!" Now this is inspiring, so people, please email me or add to the guestbook any totally random sayings you see on cars etc!!

TEXT 6: "Hey Shell, nething Krazy been happening? ;-) How r u today? I hope you guys are okay." That's great tris, but it's not exactly cheese collecting now is it?! Get back to work boy!!

TEXT 7: "Hey Shell! Did you just wake up in Padstow, or are u there for a reason :-) has nething krazy been happening lately? Later, tris." If you ask me, which you should, this sounds pretty ominous. Is he threatening us? Is there something "krazy" about to happen... "later"?! We checked all our mail especially carefully after that. I did just wake up in Padstow by the way, but you need not know any more about that!!

TEXT 8: "Hey Shell! How are u, has anything interesting been happening today? I've had a nice day today- (Ed. note: lot's of cheese I'm guessing!) Seya, tris" So... has anything "interesting been happening"? Well you tell me, Tris...

TEXT 9: "What are u dooing in St. Ives? :-) What are u guys dooing this week>?" Tris man, that's not how you spell doing! I was in St. Ives observing the local talent....

TEXT 10: "Shell! hi! I'm back in France again, tres bon! We are travelling back to Caen, will be there tomorrow, back to Angletaire on Monday!" No Tris, don't get so excited about England, you're supposed to be throwing pastries at the convention! damn and blast that confounded cheese expert!

Soon we will have a fuller account of the trip and hopefully some pictures, but do keep checking back, Tristram's magical journey has only just begun to unwind!!

Home... the safest place on earth, like!!