Pie People!

We are:

So here we are... and so are you, hahaha!! I sometimes can't believe we're still here, after 3 long weeks of being formed. It's been a tough road, but we're surviving it!!

So now you know who we are... I should explain the picture.
Cat is the one standing, wearing a Reef hoody. Jess is the one on Cat's back- holding the half eaten loaf! Lisa (strangely enough!) is the one holding a bottle of bud, and Michelle (aka moi) is the short one in the stupid hat knifing Lisa... Mwaah ha ha ha!!

Our music is like a cross between the eels and those fine young blokes, GreenDay. I reckon we're also a bit like hoobastank and alkaline trio, with a bit of jimmy eat world for good measure!! You don't have to like them to like us, cos we're actually quite original!

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