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Pole dancing fever spreads...!

LATEST: Oh dear... it seems a wave of Pole dancing fever has spread!! Could it be that the now infamous "Mystery Woman" Has sparked it off?!
So what's the future for the world? Looks like we could be in for an epidemic of young girls eager to shake their "thang" on the dance floor... oh dear.
Our picture shows me, Mistress Pie, queen of "Que?" getting down to the funky funky rythm!


Well known local party animal, Mystery Woman, has taken up a new hobby - pole dancing! Yes, the 16 year old was discovered by her friends on a friday night, getting intimate with the nearest pole on hand! It is claimed that later that night two friends of "Her" were seen throwing up all over the place... is this because they witnessed the full act we wonder?! Who knows... tune in again soon to find out!!
Who can guess who she is?? Keep posting!!

Total idiots play twister!!

OLD NEWS: A group of four as yet unidentified (!) girls have screwed up a game of twister... really badly. Yes, they have quite clearly forgotten the principle of the game, choosing to lie on a heap in the middle of the board rather than comply with the usual rules. Makers of the game refused to comment today, sending out a statement which shunned the girls attmept at fun, and claiming them to be total idiots.