Hide the booze - Lisa's in town!

Stuff Lisa sez:

Well... grapes are great aren't they just. Fireworks, it' the goddamn fireworks! They're coming to destroy the laminate flooring and the platinum wheels! hi de hi de hi de hi! Hoooooooooo! Scibedeeboo scibedeeboo... What a lovelly audience you've all been old chaps and chapesses.
Good old gordon. How we love him. he's made me what I am today! Anngadingding, a nice game of ping... pong.
Balls go into plant pots, don't they? Handkerchiefs are groovy as well. Sometimes I wish i was a rich man. I've often wondered what it would be like to have a penis. Ooh, how positively rude!! Let's all do the breadmaker! Well, twist it! Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it baby!! So what's better... an empty bottle or a full one?
would you rather have a chair or a table?
A clock or a dictionary?
Hair or fur?

Mary had a little lamb and the midwife fainted!! And on that not... IT'S ALL POSITIVELY RANDOM!!

Cherry Pie, pork pie, custard pie, apple pie, steak and kidney pie.... pick one.... at random??
And can I make a dedication?? To A VET. You know who you are... I hate you BITCH!! THE HITMAN'S FOR YOU!!!

Thanx Lisa, that was... shall we say, random??

Who else can I laugh at??