What's out there, mamma?

Oh dear Lord, there's way wierd stuff out there on this world wide webular thingy... And we are just the tip of the ice-cream!! So buckle your boots and get ready for the strange stuff this world has to offer you...

There's LOADS of new and equally odd, freaky and v. funny (!!) sites been added to the links, including japanese "Engrish" and a guide to internet losers... please dont submit us!! BE SUPER SURE TO CHECK OUT "NOT THE NEWS" IT'S A FAB NEW SPOOF NEWS SITE!! Oh yeh, and it's made by my sister and me... so please support it! GO AND TAKE THE RANDOM QUIZ... IT'S TOTALLY RANDOM, YOU EITHER KNOW THE ANSWERS OR YOU DON'T!

Okay, there's lots of cool stuff out there, but i've narrowed it down a little again. I've added Brunching, my personal favourite page EVER!!! I've also added a few kool knick-knacks... go see!

Random Pie Home Page Link
To link to us, copy and paste the following text to your website:

<a href= "http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/random_pie"> <img src= "http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/random_pie/images/banner.gif" border=0 width=468 height=60 alt="Random Pie Home Page Link"></a>
I will of course, link to you in return.
Play dat FUNKAY music!

Totally Kool stuff, though not as Kool as toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate on toast:

Turn chit chat into evil word play from the pits of hell!!
home of all wierd science and the best tests in the milkyway!
the amazing stuff you can do with ordinary household stuff!!
I love the Japanese and their Krazy use of English - go see!!
possibly the greatest load of stupidity EVER!!
Fun things to do in Walmart (or Asda)!!
Your guide to losers on the net! Cruel, yes, but sooo true!
NOT THE NEWS - your guide to what's (not) going on in the world!!
Er.. it's called
C'est cheese....
The Brunching Shuttlecocks - my favourite site EVER!!
If u watch ER/Buffy/Charmed etc... this site tells u wot's happening (in a helluva kool way!)

If you think I'M odd...

Matt's pit of despair- it's back!!
The competition r going to have to do better to beat us - the SplitVision homepage
Pete's Site of StUfF!!
Bath Tub Monkeys - make your own cool doll!!
RANDOM ROCKS ON! Another site devoted to random-ness!!
Spoof Songs? Hell yes!!!
Forget Punk. Forget Nu-metal. Remember StRiKnEeN.

just take me home!!

Home- where the pie is...