Things to Make and Do!!

Here is the home of our fantastically stupid inventions. We have plenty of dumb things in the works for you to try at home. If you have a stupid thing to make/do... please send details and/or pictures to churs!!

Instant Eclipse!!

This is our famous patented "Instant Eclipse", Copyright, some dude 2002

Ever wanted to see the sun set from the comfort of your own home? Now you (almost) can!!
All you need is a disk of yellow material (cardboard or perspex work best) and a square (or, preferably moon shaped!) piece of black/dark card. Simply move the card across the yellow disk, and hey presto! An INSTANT ECLIPSE!!!

Un-spendable Money!

Yes, we have done it all now. We came, we saw, we conquered. Then we made our own currency! Now you can play with our money... it's a safer way to gamble!

All you lucky people have to do is print out this page and cut out the money... or copy and paste it into a new page, dozens of times! You'll be Random Rich!!

Un-spendable Money!

Jess's all non-natural ingredient "Vodka Babies".
Simply soak some jelly babies in vodka and leave them overnight in the fridge... a kitsch and fun way to get drunk with your mates!

They may taste a bit rank, so serve them late in the evening - you should be too drunk to care!!