Pie Filling!!

Yes... this is the home of our random musings. Sayings will appear randomly at the top of this page, and we will update as often as possible this writing you see here- with our thoughts, dreams etc.

On this theme... I had a wierd dream quite a few nights ago. I was just going into the kitchen when a rat jumped up and bit my neck, and my neck opened to allow tinned peach halves to fall out!! How random is that?! If anyone can interpret this dream (other than Lisa!) feel free to write it in the guestbook, or email me!!

Well.. Cat has a new question!! Okay, "you know that space is black and the sky is blue? Well... where does the blue end and the black begin?! Is there a line, or does it fade?!?" If you know the answer, tell us in the guestbook... churs!!

We've adopted Tina the Troubled Teen from the brunching shuttlecocks at brunching.com, she appears below, courtesy of her own world loathing self!
Tina the Troubled Teen

I wanna go home!!

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