Career Path!

So I've decided it's time for me to look for a career. This page will document my findings, and I'm pretty sure will run from oldest to latest, so you'll have to scroll for updates.
The reason for the oldest at top thing is because i'm a bit twisty like that, so you'll just have to put up with it.
Of course, it wouldn't be right for me to hog all the career lime-light (as if I would!!) so Cat, Jess and Lisa will be able to comment too - provided they're interesting careers - not plain old bank manager etc.
No offence to bank managers!

Well... The latest idea comes prepackaged for martryrdom, and you get a really cool outfit for parties. It's called:
I'm sure you know the ins and outs, slaying dragons, rescuing damsels in distress, fetching cats from trees. Should be quite an exciting life, and it promises a great sideling in scaring people at castles!
As usual, here's pic of me in this career... It's the usual crap made on paint.

Heck I wish I was in America, those guys really know how to make a living!
It was Maury Povich and his chat show which inspired my first career idea. It's called:
And since I'm already a female- I'm half way there!
My inspiration was *BOB*, a buxom blonde who apparently has been doing "female famale" since she was 19. Her act includes eating hamburgers topless for some reason, though in France she apparently ate Croissants... aah, crossover culture!!
Well, I've made a little pic of me in this career... laugh at will! (your will... not "Will"!)

Thanx to Sissy's cross dressing dresses For the dress!

Well... My second career idea was inspired by the good old traditions of cornwall... and the slightly mad, possibly drugged. It's called:
I'm sure you know the basics of this job, talking to hills and what not, whilst sipping herbal tea and wearing fashionable robes. No offence to druids, I'm sure what you do is great, which is why it's here, duh!
As usual, I've made a little pic of me in this career... It's bad. I know.

Many thanx to Cat's "Wicked Auntie" for this next one! It's called:
Yes, this one's pretty self explanatory. You crimp. Pasties. Get the gist? Thought so!! I love this one... I was actually thinking about applying at a local bakers!
Yep, I've made a little pic of me in this career... It's kinda kinky in a wierd chef way!

Check back soon for more career ideas! ;O)

P.S: Do you have a crazy career idea? Perhaps you're already in one! If so... email the address at the bottom of the page, cheers!

I don't want to be here no more!

(So I'm going home)