My Baby, Cham

This song is a love song to booze, mostly written by Shell, but with a heavy Lisa-influenced sentiment!!

Last night I dreamed I saw you shining,
far away, atop the sand,
your silhouette, it made me thirsty,
Oh I'm so glad you come in cans!

So don't forget me, when you're cooling,
cos I must be your biggest fan,
Your fresh sensation makes me shiver,
you'll always be my baby, Cham.

I'd walk to the ends of the earth for a bitter,
I guess you couldn't call me a quitter,
the first thing I put on my daily rosters,
"Before you do anything - you gotta have a Fosters"

Did I say I love you,
to swallow with my toast?
You make me lose my balance a bit,
Cos I drink you more than most.

If ever you are banned worldwide,
I may be forced to face,
The prospect of paking up my things
and drinking you in space!

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