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Gas RC Cars/Racing

This is a genisis gas truck. The truck is raceing on a track in Ohio. There are many races in Ohio and all over the U.S. There are many size classes. Not all size classes will race. This genisis truch is a 1/16 scall size truck.
This is a pritty big jump for a race. Not very many race tracks will have a truck jump as high as this. Many people will jump there gas car higher than this but they will try not to in a race. Gas cars are much better for raceing because you can go for longer times and they are faster. Speed is one reason so many people like gas rc cars.
This is a line up for a race. Gas cars tend to have a slower start but will accel faster when they get going. Electric cars will have a faster start but also can not run as long as a gas car. Gas cars are a prefered car to race with even though they will break alot easier due to the faster speeds.
Race tracks are any were for rc cars. They can be indoors or out doors. Many people will prefer to race out doors. It dosnt matter to me ifi race indoors or outdoors. It is best for nitro cars to race inside because the weather will stay the same. Nitro cars have to be adjusted to the weather so it is easier for them to race inside.
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