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RC Cars/Racing

Some people race rc cars for fun or in tournaments. I among many people race my freinds. I am going to get into racing tournaments or real races next summer. Electric rc cars do have a faster lap time in a shorter 10 or 20 lap race. Most electric cars can not go 30+ MPH for over half an hour like many gas cars will. Most electric cars will only run a 5 minute race because they run on batteries and not gas. Gas xars will tend to have a way longer race.
This is a popular semi race. I have not seen any semi races but i have herd a little about them at local hobby shops. I persnaly dont know semi rc cars but i have still herd that electric is better for short races.
Races attract many people as you can see. They attract more people more than racers because there is only 10 to 20 racers per race. Having so few racers means that they can not have many racers.
This is a 1/10 class race. Not as many 1/10 racers will compete as a 1/8 racer. 1/8 is a more popular class because more electric cars are avialible in this class. 1/16 is also a very popular class.
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