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Led Zeppelin

Who They Are!!!

This is Jimmy Page. He is the lead guitarists for Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is one of the best guitarists in the world that there has been. Jimmy Page has many awards with LED ZEPPELIN. Jimmy is my idole because he is a legendary rocker. I play guitar and i have a SG 400. I love my music and playing it too.
This is the whole band together. They are known as one of the great hair bands. The band is still very popular. Led Zeppelin is my favourite band for rock. I like many famous and popular bands like (kiss, aero smith, rush, and etc.)
The band is a popular band because of the excitement that there concerts give people. All the concerts that Led Zeppelin have gone to all most everyone enjoyed the concert. Many people can go to many concerts and not like them very much until they go to a Led Zeppelin concert. There music is also very easy to play on a guitar or drums so that is another reason that so many people like them.
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