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What can I do to brigthen Your day? I thought I would build a web filled with smiles, and Hopes it make a differents.          SMILE
About me
Path Of friends

We can I love many Different people I come to find myself at this point of my life, I found Love only when your mind is clear and eyes are wide open, I have placed you in my mind, When you are in my mind, And when I hold you in my arms, There is no other feeling, seems like that all of life troubles are blinded
And hug me oh so tight
Theres nowhere else Id rather be
We know its oh so right

I We will overcome all odds Our love will surely grow  and expanded in our lifes we re touched,  one day soon well be as one And our hearts will overflow  And then they all will see our love And they will plainly see That we are good together From now till eternity life.
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Nova Scotia Canada