Here we thank everyone who's made this site possible.

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Ourselves- We'd like to thank ourselves for coming up with this brillant idea for an awesome Anti-Avril site! (okay, so we aren't the first people to think of this idea...but at least we're adding to the Ant-Avril community that's growing by the day )

Mr. Kelly-If Mr. Kelly had not given us the chance to make this site during our second period BBT class, we probably would never have gotten around to doing it on our own time...

Robyn-We'd like to thank our friend Robyn for making us this awesome layout since my graphic program was being PMSy and I (Mel) couldn't do she's just so gosh darn good at making nice layouts :) Thanks Rob!

Avril-We'd like to thank Avril. Yeah, we hate her, but without her this site wouldn't be possible. And without her, what would little kids have nightmares about? She's just so easy to make fun of, so thanks Avril, for making our BBT module easy. We really appreaciate it. All The Little People- Yeah, that's pretty much everyone else...yeah..I mean you! *points to person reading this*















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