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We hope you enjoy our Anti-Avril site. This is a project for BBT, as well as a place for you to enjoy laughing at Avril and bashing her. We find Avril to be a disgrace to any punk scene around. We have a great dislike for her and we hope to express this maturly on our site while receiving a high mark on this module.

Mel & Sara

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"I'm as punk as they come."

"If you don't like who I am, then you don't like you I am. But all you're gonna get, is who I am."

"My music is true rock."

"When I write a song, I sit down with the guitar and write about what I'm feeling at that time. It just comes out."

"I can ollie and sort of grind. I suck, but, I mean, I'm not a pro. But I just like doing it. It's fun."(So basically she's carrying it around for decoration?)

"I write what I feel, I never worry about what others think. I'm gonna dress what's me, I'm gonna act what's me and I'm gonna sing what's me."

"I'm a very emotional person and my talent is transferring my emotions on to paper. It's something I can just do. People may be in disbelief that I wrote it but I did." (I didn't know talent consisted of writing lyrics about cheerios and getting fired from KFC.)

"I'm going to be around for a while. I'm going to make tons of records and keep on writing music and performing and reaching fans." (Let's hope her 15 minutes are up soon)

"There was a guitar laying around the house ó my Dad plays the guitar ó and I picked it up and very slowly taught myself to play it." (I guess her idea of "teaching herself to play" really means "holding it in my hands and pretending to play")

"I would describe my album as rock, pop, alternative... It's kind of all over the place. It's music with an edge." (Didn';t you just say your music is "true rock" ?)

"My butt-crack showing is like my trademark. I wear my pants loose, and lately Iíve been so busy Iíve lost a few pounds. My ass-crack is always showing!" (1. You need a new trademark, 2. I thought your tie was your trademark? 3.What happened to not showing your body?)

"I dress cool and I look hot, so if you donít like it suck it." (Well, I guess we know who Avril's #1 fan is now don't we? Also, is she implying that she has some..uh..manly..organs?)

"I don't really care if my clothes are wrinkled or there's a stain on my shirt. Going out on the road, your clothes are dirty." (So being gross is cool? Hrmm..I should try that....*coughnotcough*)

On other people:
"People like Shakira shouldnít have record contracts. She cant even speak English." (Oooh...dissing the foreigner now, eh? That's pretty low Avril, even for you. What next? Michael Jackson?)

"Michael Jackson freaks me out. Whatís with that fake nose?" (Wow, We're physic! Okay, you can't just diss Michael Jackson. Even if you hate the man you have to respect him for what he's done for the music industry. Second, aren't the nose jokes getting a LITTLE old, Avril? When you think of something funny to say about Michael, maybe then we'll listen.)

"Pink's pretty cool. She's just kinda like a poser." (which makes you what...?)

"Christina Agu...who? I thought that whore died!" (At least she can sing..and she has enough guts to admit she's a slut instead of hiding behind some bagging jeans and a tie.)

"People like comparing me to Alanis. Sorry, I take baths." (At least Alanis dosn't write songs about cheerios and how long it takes to do her hair. And didn't you say above that you smell?)

"Britney Spears is such a hoe cake." (Did she diss Brit? You can't just diss Britney Spears. And what the hell is a how cake?)

"Michelle Branch better watch her back." (What are you going to do? Kidnap her so she can play guitar for you?)

"I don't want to be no fake pop shit." (So she chooses to be fake punk shit, correct?)

"Nick Carter wanted me to sing on his album but, you know, it's not really my thing. I'm not putting myself in the teen pop type of box." (Okay, she dissed Nick. I, Mel, have lost all respect for her. Wait..that happened a long time ago...)

"All I can say is if I'm in my room, that's not the kind of music I would listen to. But I'm not dissing them. I'm proud of what they did. I respect that they've made it because it's really hard. I respect them so much for all the hard work they've put into everything. I'm not even halfway there, and it's so much work! So I really admire them. Good for them!" (Okay, no comment is really necessary..but..can we say hypocrite?)















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