Well if your here your probably intrested in the creation of our site. Here we tell you how it all got started and save any old layouts or pages we had before hand.

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Myself (Sara) and Melissa have been planning on creating an HTML site for a while. But due to lack of time neither of us could do it. But thankfully one day in Mr.Kelly's second period BBT me and Melisssa got assigned an HTML homepage. It took us no time at all to figure out what we wanted to do it on. We both have a passionate hate for Avril Lavigne. So we got started on our site. And around 10 days later we have our baby..er, Anti-Avril Site. We really hope you enjoy and we will keep you updated on any old layouts and old pages on this page as this is a quickly evolving site.

About The Layout:- Our friend Robyn made us this layout ("Punks And Poseurs") useing Adobe graphic program and we set it up useing div layers and a nice amount of CSS {you know..just to make it look pretty ;) } Brushes are from VBrush.

-Sara and Mel














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