Okay, so it's not really FRQUENTLY asked questions, more like favorite asked questions.

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What do you have against Avril?
Sara- Well besides the fact that she's just a rude person and snotty I think that looking around this site should give you good indications why!
Mel- First off, I don't hate Avril..I don't hate anyone. Personally, I like Avril's music, but I also like Britney Spears ;) Avril has the attitude of a three year old throwing a tantrum in Toys R Us cbecause her mom won't buy her a Barbie. She's lied about where she's come from and how she got to where she is today. Maybe it's not her fault that her record label is selling her off as a punk singer, but the fact is, she's letting them do it. And that's why I don't like Avril.

Are there any other celebrities you don't like?
Well, aside from jealousy we don't really have anything against other celebrities..except Taryn Manning, Kelly Rowland (Mel..I can't stand to look at her), Lance Bass, Justin from 98, Hillary Duff (Even though I like Lizzie McGuire), Metallica (They took away Napster), William Shatner (You know..the whole rap video thing), Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen ( Stupid spoiled show biz brats!), Shaggy, Snow....Okay, so there's quite a few celebrities we don't like, but most of them are justified.

Do you stuff your bras?
Uh...no...and if we did, we'd be doing a really crappy job at it.

What type of music DO you guys like?
Sara- I like alot of different types of music. My favorite genres would have to be punk and rap though. But I enjoy the occasional song that happens to find itself between the two...yeah..
Mel- I listen to pretty much anything and everything. My mp3 list goes from pop to punk to country..I think I've even got some classical there somewhere. I mean, who dosn't like a little bit of Michael Jackson mixed with Kenny Rogers?(Sara-Uh, I don't...) (Mel- Yeah...well..YOU SUCK! ) *continues* Yeah..uh..shut up *blushes* He's cool, alright?!















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