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 I hope you enjoy my pictures and graphic designs, thank you for everyone who is involved in this website. oh and if you are easily insulted please don't even bother looking at some of my pictures, cheers and enjoy.


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Come Back Soon, This Site Is Still Under Construction, Cheers Much

Picture Links:


Politically incorrect and Generally insulting pictures *Emphasis On The Idiotic Bush!*

Pictures Of Me Rate Me At hotornot.com


Just Plain Wrong!

The Monicles - There Website is: http://www.takeoff.to/band


Most Extreme Pictures (These Have The Highest Of Warnings)

Funny Pictures

Eye Test (brain conflict)

Online Games:

The Love Tester

Washed Up Celebrity Drinking Booth

Space Blammo

Trick or Trash!

Extreme Board-dom

The Gobblenator

The Tarot Toy

Executive Basketball

Snowman Thing-a-ma-jig

Snowflake Game

Revenge of Yar's Revenge


Film Information and Background Images:

Courteous of www.curliesworld.co.uk


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Suggestion's And comments Welcome To Me,

Also if you have any interesting pictures you feel

I should put on my site then just send them to me and I should put them on for you.

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