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The rhythm section

Justin Miller
one of three founding members of Nuclear Cataracts
The Bass of N.C.

In case you were wondering yes i am too ugly to show a pic of. So instead i decided to give u a giant piece of eye candy. My warlock. Letz get somethin strait if i dropped this thing someone iz gonna die. This iz my life. I guess this is the part where i talk about myself hah hah hahaha. therez alot to talk about. Well i'm a bass player. i have a Warlock Platinum w/ widow headstock w/ a chesswood body bolt maple neck w/ anchorplate rosewood fingerboard w/ dot inlays chrome hardware sealed die cast tuners and p-style pickups w/ metallice black finish. therz a load to repeat. i got a sdgr ibanez 5string wit all the good stuff. i use dunlop bass pics and guitar for the better stuff medium heavy 1.4 1.5 2.0 and of course my fingers. i play some superchops and i'll play most music. NO COUNTRY OR RAP U COUNTRY+RAP=CRAP. To top it all off i got a ibanez EXpress 4string. Itz my workhorse and my friend. Itz also a certain schoolgurls state of affair. (cough) nikki g. whew u say the weirdest stuff wen u got a cold. Itz my friend and first and last love. O i forgot about that life thing goin on. Yea i'm 15 listen to ozzy metallica other death metal and such german metal. i'm single (some things never change). i go to ctahs also known as hades to many people. i'm now going to end this crap that i had to write. any one who hates me for who i am and wat i like or do i have 1 thing to say UR MOM! FRICK HEAD.