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This is Me (left), and Christian Lindskog (from Blindside)

I am the lead guitarist for The Cataracts.

Name: J-Dawg

Location: Hollsopple

Age: 16

Statz: Taken

Guitars: Ibanez AX220, Austin Era Standard, Epiphone A-10 Acoustic, Johnson Acoustic, Austin Acoustic/Electric, and a Squire Precision Bass

Amps: Marshall Valvestate, Crate Gfx15

Other Equipment: Dunlop Tortex picks, Dunlop CryBaby Wah, Danelectro Beyond Metal, DOD Attacker and Hard Rock Distortion, Dunlop Glass Slide, Kyser Capo, Radio Shack Cables, Levy Straps, DR Electric Strings, Dean Martin Acoustic Strings, Korg Tuner, and Duct Tape!

Influences: Metallica, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Taproot, System Of A Down, Static-X, Staind, Linkin Park, Mudvayne, Project 86, East West, Living Sacrifice, Blindside, AC/DC, Pantera, Seether, Ted Nugent, Norma Jean, etc...

Thanx: God, My family, The Millers, The Chynoweths, The Carrs, Joe Peckman, Bill Brubaker, Steve Kriss, Carpenter Park Mennonite, My friends - Rob, DB, Ted, Frank, Hammer, Kevon, Stanley, Andrea, Kayla, BK....if i forgot u, let me know....