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Welcome To My Web Page


Hi.  My name is Skyler Beene.  I am in Net/Web design, 7th period and decided to put my education to use and make this web page.  



Me and Ashley



I was born April 25, 1986, which makes my 17 years old.  I was born in Austin, Texas, but have lived in Wisconsin most of my life.  Now, I'm back in Round Rock.  I am a senior at Stony Point High School.  In my spare time I like to create web pages, play lacrosse (Go Stoughton Lacrosse!) and golf, listen to 311 and work at HEB as a cashier.  I also like to drive around in my pimpin' '85 Cavalier.  I hope to go to Beloit College after I graduate and major in computer science.  So have fun on my site and visit my links.



311 Music    

Enjoy Incubus



Give Blood, Play Lacrosse

Lacrosse Gear

Major League Lacrosse

Coachman's Golf Resort