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Deep Thoughts

deep thoughts ladies and gentelmen...


Masterbation is a normal and manditory part of the male society. Everyman since the time he is 9 has an incredible urge to fuck somthing. However as everyone who has takin health knows males do not actually hit puberty until they are around 14 and 9 yr old girls are not attractive (note the bleeding rule and the small permanent marker note on my right hand) So the man learns early on how useful his right hand is... then a jacket sleeve... a sock...a full body pillow (mothers if your son asks for a full body pillow dont give it to him hell spend hours in his room) Pool jets... those slippy blue things you can never grab a hold of. Then they learn about shampoos and such and showers become 30 min events. So by the time the man hits puberty he is a seasoned veteran at the art of wackin, floggin, punchin, spankin, jumpin the bacon. Now he is old enough to screw chicks... and then he realizes 15 yr old chicks just dont find him attractive.... back the hand men!! Its always warm and never leaves ya, and never says no.... i love you righty.

Mario.. a personal reflection on life and degos.

Life is a game... kinda like Super Mario brothers... you know before yoshi and all that crap. Its all two demensional nonsense... when you think you're grown up some little bastard shuts ya down... then you just get pissed and shoot fire up their asses. Maybe even spend sometime in the sewer smoking blunts and lookin for change. But what the real point is... there is always a goal at the end of the staircase... and no matter how you get there you win. Sure you may not capture the flag and the fireworks may not go off for you... but you still succede, Beat the dino, and screw the princess, because the only thing that can make a greasy dego run is pussy. However not all of you will win... most will keep dying on the same fucking stupid level cuz you freakin suck and might as well shoot yourselves as you get smacked in the head once again by a fuckin hammer. THAT ladies in gentlemen is LIFE!!! Everyone else... goodnight - nick

Screw that Whore

When i was younger i was watchin a movie with that mary poppins slut about nazis and school girls the "from tramps" i think it was... can say remember i've drunk since then. But out of all the movie i could only remember one thing. That damn fuckin song that bitch kept going on about... her favorite things. A novel idea right... you expect weed, beer, nipples, ice creams, whores, and violent sexy lesbians wrestlin in the sand. But what do we get.... ribbons, packages, and the fat bitch even talks about strudle. Come on damn it. You cant wack off to fuckin package... cuz yeah and orgasm is definately one of my favorite things... some of those school girls were hot too, now they dont even know what to do when they have sex, all cuz that mary poppins dyke bitch dont fuckin get laid in life doesnt mean the innocent girls of 16 goin on 17 gotta suffer for. FOR GOD SAKES MARY POPPINS LET THEM LIVE!u GET NAKED! MAKE PORN! TAPE THEMSELVES DOIN IT. SHARE IT ON THE NET SO POOR BASTARDS LIKE ME CAN DREAM AT NIGHT AND NOT THINK WE ARE UNATTRACTIVE LOSERS!!!! and that ladies and gentleman is why we had the great depression... thanks much.