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Hey people!! Welcome to my new site... I spent a very long time working with programs making one hell of a sweet site and doing my own graphics and putting tons of pictures and shit up... and then i couldnt find anyone to ftp the damn thing... so i was left with a wasted site and a lot of anger..

Now I'm on a completely new platform of really horribly basic crap thats...free... it's almost an insult to a man who can make a badass website with just html language... now i got nothin..
So what to expect.... haha i got no idea... theres a deep thoughts section for the stupid shit i say, theres the mighty Stuff of the week, a new place for songs, and a friends section..... I don't have a guest book right now... but i will have one soon i hope... for now just please just email me at ... rockmandashx@hotmail.com for any comments or what not!! thanks -nick

Email: rockmandashx@hotmail.com