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If you can't dig it, you can't be dug

This is the website for the rock band My Virgin Ears. It is currently under construction. While it may sound lame to set up a website with no content, it serves a purpose: so you will not name your band My Virgin Ears.

Long live the music.

a word from gabe:
hello everybody, this is gabe speaking. I would like to tell you that I bought orbit gum. It tastes good. Also we are presently recording a demo, and i like it. does everything smell good? IN THE BAND, GABE USES THE DRUMS, ZAC USES THE GUITAR, AND JORDAN USES THE GUITAR AND HIS VOICE TO MAKE MUSIC. so...we have some fans but not many and we hope that all the people that read this site will someday dig the music as much as we do. YIBBIT!

Hello, this is Zac. peace.