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Oregon Volcanoes

Three Sisters Volcano This is Three Sisters. The one on the right is North Sister, then Middle Sister, and the one almost by itself is South Sister.

For the history of Three Sisters and to learn about volcanic types, click here.
This is Black Butte located near Three Sisters. It is a cinder cone. Black Butte-E!
Broken Top - Wasn't me! This is Broken Top, which is also in the Three Sisters vicinity. It got its "broken top" from glacial erosion. Most of the volcanoes in the region are composite volcanoes, which means that they are highly eruptive and make a lot of noise (like Mt. St. Helens).

Crater Lake, which is also in Oregon, was believed to have been comprised of several composite volcanoes like the Three Sisters area. Uh OH!
These are the Strawberry Mountains that are a result of volcanic activity. These are geologically young features (Miocene ~25Ma). The geology of the eastern region of Oregon is quite complex. For more information, click here. Strawberry Mountains

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