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Natural Science Park Field Trip

Don't take it for granite!! The first 6 stations at the park are all granite with slight variations. This one has an aplite dike. A dike is a rock that intrudes an existing rock and is non-parallel. A sill usually parallels the bedding.
The next granite station we stop at has a feature called a slickenside. This is created by faulting. As the two pieces are pushed against each other, friction heats it and causes it to melt. Touch the rock.....FEEL the rock.
Weathering...imagine that in South Mississippi The circular rocks in the background were once as square as the rocks we had been seeing, but they are much more weathered. The weathering of granite is usually mechanical (freezing and thawing is an example). The other type of weathering is chemical. This type is due to a change in the chemical structure of the rock.
A few stops later, we came to the limestone. If we looked closely, we could see the remains of the calcareous critters that make up this rock (shells!!) William takes a closer look. I don't see 'em
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Before we left the park, we had lunch - I think the plan for the next trip is for everyone to make their own lunch....cafeteria food - YUCK!!
The fearless leaders take a break. That's Mrs. Jordan and me!! Mouths full!!
The End!!!

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