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Natural Science Park Field Trip

On Friday, October 18, 2002, the 7th grade science class took a field trip. The trip started in the Department of Geology at USM and ended at the Natural Science Park.

Lin Pope Our first stop was at USM in the Department of Geology where instuctor Lin Pope talked to the class about the different types of volcanoes. The model is of a stratovolcano. There are also shield volcanoes and cinder cones. Each type displays a different type of eruption.
The class listening to Mrs. Pope discuss the different types of materials ejected from volcanoes. There was ash, cinders, and bombs. The Class
Micharlos looking at cinders Micharlos James examines the cinders Mrs. Pope brought to illustrate tephra.
We finally get to the Natural Science Park. The students walk toward the beginning of the trail Here we go!

More Pictures from the Science Park

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