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Welcome To The

Mors PlayGround

Server Web Page


This is my web page based on my server Mors PlayGround posting information such as…. Commands for those funny/odd sounds that play when u type stuff, newz and status reports, other various information and my personal email that you can send complaints, comments, requests for maps n such and also ask questions. Yaya I know the server is ok and this web page is crap, even I think this webpage sucks cuz its on a free thing n theres no funding or anything but 1 day I hope to make my server the greatest there ever was with all kinds of funding and with an actual website. im surprised if your actually still reading this. But anywayz click on the links below for… well wutever they say obviously.


My server ip’s are 1 of these currently (do to cut backs, no funding, and other various stuff my server is currently under construction and will be running at various times and shutting down without notice):


My email is: (Plz dont send anything regarding spelling mistakes)


Go To:

 Server Status

 Commands for sounds

 Current maps on my server

 Self Explanitory

 Links that helped me create my awesome server

K, I would have downloads but some %$&#ing @$$ holes wont let me becuz its in some “violation” of some $%&@



(plz Don’t ask)