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Geodes from Southern Indiana

These are pictures from a geode collecting trip that my dad and I went on. The geodes we found in this stream bed all were eroded out of southern Indiana limestones. Geodes form in cavities that are filled with mineral-rich water, usually quartz. When the water moves through, it leaves behind the disolved quartz in the cavity. As the rest of the limestone desolves away, the quartz geode remains. About every 1 in 3 in this area are hollow and display a beautiful crystal pattern when broken open.

Geodes in the soil around the steam.

This is a large limestone block with geodes stuck in the eroded groves.

My dad with a bucket full of geodes.

Collecting geodes from the stream bed.

Even large geodes can be found in this stream.

This is one of the geodes that I found at this site.

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Last updated 9/10/01

All photos taken by Michael Vanden Berg or David Vanden Berg. All rights reserved.