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System of a Down. Only a few words spoken, and you can tell what is about to happen. As the curtain drops, you can hear them walking onto the stage. The guitar picks up feedback as a roar of sound comes out. The drums and bass come in next. And lastly, the roar of aggressiveness. The voice. Not to be mistaking, you can tell when Serj is singing. That is what makes System of a Down so versatile. Their ability to go from hard rock to a rap style so quickly. People from all different kinds of musical backgrounds enjoy System. "The band's songs are fueled with rebellion and protest. And its diverse music which blends metal, rap, hardcore, jazz and Middle-Eastern melodies expresses the need to stir up the great American melting pot and unite against prejudice and injustice," says Towe Pulse Mag. The band is already well known for their self titled debut, with songs like "Suite Pee" and "KNOW". They sing about crime, politics, anger and many other things, a new protest band, But what makes the anger stand out is that fact that it all starts off slow. "We don't just concentrate on an aggressive emotion, though we have that. Anger becomes more angry when you're quiet at first. That's key to our dynamics," says lead singer Serj.

Another thing that separates System from other bands is their desire to achieve. They have played countless numbers of shows to get to where they are today, and for that they are grateful. They thank the fans for listening to them, and for buying the albums. They say without the fans they would be nowhere right now. System has a certain edge to them, something that comes with the territory. It has always been there and it always will be. That edge is something that makes the band so dynamic, and keeps them on their toes. Maturing over the years, they have become one solid army of music. Always in sync and just pumping out the noise, the music, and the energy. The fans love their shows, and can you blame them. The band has such a good groove, you can't help but be mesmerized by their songs.