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Our last saturday together as a group. *tear* April 26, 2003

Pre-Gamin in Valdez and Kevy's room.

Me and my Boyfriend for the last week of school. He's so good to me...ily Johnny Schad!

Time for Kevin's Solo...note sunglasses

Davy is gonna kick my ass...

Davy, Kev, and Ray ("it's consumation time")

I swear to god... this picture took like 15 minutes to finally take

How much Cuteness is going on in this picture??

awwww Best Little Friends Forever!! Me and My Laura

Off to Mo's

That's my softball coach MIC!!!

Chug it Geoff!

National Champs Reunited!!

That's mah Baby Boy Jomo!

I Love Lane! He's my boyeee!!

IT'S THE REMIX TO IGNITION!!!! "Can We Have Some Remix To Ignition Up In This Piece?? Me and Jomo know how to rock it... dancin' on the know how we do!

AwWwWwWw Mike is too cute!

My Last Night At Syracuse... May 1, 2003

The boys gave me a farewell "gift" (i Looked exatly like them on the other side of this camera)

Me Staci and Laura went to Kahunaville, to have one last "good" meal before i left good ole SU

That was our desert that serves two, unfortunately, we didnt finish it... of course that came along with a brilliant comment by our ASSHOLE waiter..."do you WANT a tip??"

And then we decided to fuck around with the hot guy in Zumiez and make him take embarassing photos of us...hahaha!!!!

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